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John Walker Gym Repairs

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Gym & Treadmill Repairs

We can help! John Walker Gym Repairs is a leader in fitness equipment service and repair on the Gold Coast. Is your fitness equipment not functioning like it used to? A noise or vibration but you can't locate the source? Is it damaged or non-functional?

Fitness Equipment

We're skilled specialists whose wide range of expertise enables us to offer you a comprehensive set of services. Our team of experts will be delighted to help you Get your machine back up and running, or serviced, or should we feel this is not the most economical route. We will then recommend a suitable alternative.

Our commitment to superior customer service and satisfaction is one of the key factors to our success. We use only the highest quality parts to ensure your fitness equipment remains in the best condition possible.

We repair all gym and fitness products, including; treadmills, exercise bikes, steppers home gyms and rowers. We also work with some of the major fitness centres on the Gold Coast & Brisbane.

We can service clients from commercial gyms and body corporates through to clubs, hotels, schools, domestic users and personal trainers.

Treadmill Repairs

If a treadmill is not properly maintained then you will more than likely end up needing a treadmill repair. Lack of servicing causes strain to the motor, this in turn can draw extra current through the MCB (Motor Control Board) and damage it. A Service will help to prevent such problems. and find any issues with how you use it and to help prevent further Issues.


We service most top treadmill brands, makes and models. All treadmill repairs and services are managed on site by our experienced and professional technicians who will ensure immediate repairs in most cases.

For this very reason we have partnered with the major leading brands sold in Australia in order to support their brands in the Australian marketplace. With most leading brands available in Australia having a ready supply of spare parts, we can assure you in most circumstances your equipment can be repaired.

Some faults on treadmills can normally be diagnosed over the telephone after a few simple questions but there are occasions when a Call Out will be needed.

Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes are not to terribly complicated until you get into the electronics on board many of the newer models. The mechanical portions of upright exercise bikes, recumbent fitness bikes, and magnetic resistance bikes, are basically the same.

As with any mechanical piece of equipment, the best way to keep your bike in shape is with some simple preventative maintenance such as oiling and cleaning.

If you do find you need exercise bike parts, get any part numbers you can out of the bike manual and give us a call and we can help you find the part you need at the best possible price.

Rowing Machines

Does your rowing machine have a broken chain? Is the chain kinked or twisted? Is the shock cord broken? Is the flex foot or the footplate broken? Is the seat ripped, cracked or damaged? Does the rower seat not feel smooth? Are the seat rollers worn? Does the rowing ergometer monitor not work? Does the monitor not count the strokes? Is the monitor screen damaged? Is your rowing machine noisy or grinding? Does your rowing machine need preventive maintenance?

If you are having these or any other problem with your indoor rower, contact us for assistance.

Elliptical Trainers

Whether you have no resistance, no power to the upper console, error codes, or just need a good cleaning or lubrication, our techs ensure any problem with your elliptical trainer is completely fixed.

We do repair jobs on Schwinn, Landice, Spirit, NordicTrack, Precor, Proform, Vision, Horizon, as well as other elliptical manufacturers.