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Gold Coast & Brisbane Gym Care

Is your fitness equipment not functioning like it used to? A noise or vibration but you can't locate the source? Is it damaged or non-functional? We can help! John Walker Gym Repairs is a leader in fitness equipment service and repair on the Gold Coast.

Fitness Equipment

Our commitment to superior customer service and satisfaction is one of the key factors to our success. We use only the highest quality parts to ensure your fitness equipment remains in the best condition possible.

Our Services

John Walker Gym Repairs offers a comprehensive range of services designed to take the hassle out of establishing, maintaining, repairing and expanding your gym or fitness facility. We pride ourselves on providing prompt and personalised assistance in both domestic and commercial settings with:

John Walker Gym Repairs enables gyms to achieve the maximum continual usage and lifespan from their equipment, ensuring their patrons are not inconvenienced or frustrated by finding equipment in poor condition or having to tolerate unreasonable delays for equipment repairs.

The reality with all equipment is that regular service and maintenance reduces the severity and frequency of breakdowns. From one-off repairs through to regular scheduled maintenance programs, John Walker Gym Repairs can tailor a solution for you.

If you have considered purchasing fitness equipment, you will know how confusing it can be to work out which products are going to be best for your needs. The range of fitness industry equipment available today is enormous and it's important to know what you're looking for and consider your purpose, quality standards, parts availability and budget when making your selections. John Walker Gym Repairs has the experience to take the guesswork out of your decision.

Whether you are considering some weights or cardio equipment for your home or office or you're preparing for a large scale commercial gym fit out or refurbishment, John Walker Gym Repairs can help.